Family Photoshoot in Haarlem-Jorritsma

This shoot.. was AMAZING! So for those that haven't booked with me, i usually show up 5 minutes early.. not this shoot! Every year The Netherlands gets a little bit of snow but i've always stayed home. When I left Rotterdam it was barely snowing. Just a few flakes here and there. By the time I got to Amsterdam is was full on snowing! I ran to catch the sprinter to Haarlem and the doors closed on me as I ran up. Ha! So, second train comes and the conductor says its broken and I need to listen to announcements to figure out a new train. (All the announcements are in dutch and well, I don't speak enough dutch to figure it out.) I finally found a very nice oma going to Haarlem to get me on the right train!

Anyway, once I get to Haarlem 1,5 hours late! (Sorry Bente!!) Its really snowing hard and she drives me to her beautiful home, and we have a cup of tea. I unpack and start playing with her kids and shooting away. Everything was so natural for them and just flowed. After the shoot it was amazing how the snow really piled up! I got back to Rotterdam in half the time it took me to get to Haarlem and then played in the snow with my own kids. What a great day!