who doesn't love a good wedding. I want to take your journey of your wedding day with you to document the raw real emotions in a documentary style. looking back you want to remember the way he looked at you when you first saw each other. Or the tears in your parents eyes as you say your vows to your love. those are the moments worth documenting. you want to look back at the in between moments of emotional love. I'll be there for that.

Bride and groom aginst a black wall looking lovingly at eachother laughing. photos by 51north photography
bride and groom looking at each other lovingly aginst a black wall in the countryside of the netherlands photos by 51north Photography
Bride and groom smiling and almost kissing Photos by 51North photography
bride and groom smiling and laughing looking into the distance with huge smiles aginst a black wall. Photos by 51Northphotography
bride and groom holding eachother. photos by 51northphotography
bride and groom agist a black wall with huge smiles looking at eachother in their wedding clothes. Photos my 51North photogrphy
bride and groom popping spraying champagne bottles . photos by 51north photography
Bride and groom popping spraying champagne bottles. Photos by 51north photography
bride standing alone with the wind in her hair flying in front oher face. photos by 51north photography
Photo of a bride standing alone with the wind in her curly blond hair. photos by 51north photography
bride and groom laying on a bed in a dark attic smiling and laughing together. photos by 51North Photography
bride and groom laying together in a dark attic on a bed. photos by 51north photography
bride and groom in a dark attic looking out a very small window. photos by 51north photography
Rotterdam Bride getting her makeup done
Rotterdam bride standing in her window
Rotterdam bride getting into the rotterdam water taxi
Rotterdam bride kissing her new husband in the sunset of fenix food factory
rotterdam Bride and groom walking to vessel 11 to party along the canal