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I strongly believe that photos are one of the most important things you
can have and hold. What comes to mind is my sweet grandmother Dorothy.
She had the same belief and she single handedly put together a photo album for every single person in our family. Seventeen albums! I used to go and visit my grandmother and climb up in her lap and we would look at all my baby pictures and pictures of people who had passed on already. I’ll never forget that.
I still have mine almost 30 years later.I wish that we had family photos that were better than a disposable camera but hey it was the 90’s!

I strive to capture emotion over anything else. It’s not about the perfect picture
or the perfect outfit. It’s showing the emotions and having who you really are shine through those photos. I want you to look at them in thirty years and think about how you were feeling that day and who you were in that exact moment.

Document your life. Let me help you.


About Me


I’m Rachel! I grew up in a small coastal town in Northern California. As a teenager I moved to Portland Oregon. Then I got married and had two beautiful boys!

One day my husband and I woke up and decided we didn’t want to live in America anymore and so we opened up an atlas and decided we would move to The Netherlands! After lots of hard work we made it happen! I absolutely love Rotterdam and couldn’t have picked a better place to raise my little boys.

On days when I’m not working I’m with my kids learning our new language and culture. We are SO happy to be here.


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How do I COntact you?


Hit that contact button and tell me all about your plans!


What is your on boarding process like?


You reach out via my contact form. Then we email back and forth making sure we are on the same page with your project/wedding/lifestyle shoot. Next I’ll send over a proposal/contract and invoice! I take a deposit to hold your date (or you can pay in full) and then we are all set! There are a few more key emails in there but book with me and you’ll find out!


Do you travel for work?


Of course! Any chance I get! Just reach out and we can find the cheapest way to get me to you and yours!


Whats your favorite drink?


I’m a Hendricks and Fever-Tree kind of woman!