Amsterdam Family- Malloy

Amanda and I have been friends for years and we finally got to meet in person! She and her family traveled all the way from the UAE to Amsterdam for a 6 week destination vacation all over Europe! How fun! We met up on a sunny day in Amsterdam centrum. I got to play with her very well behaved boys and watch their wonder of all the bicycles. Even though I have lived here for a couple years Amsterdam cycling traffic still scares me. Ha!

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Maaslouis Newborn- Axel

Axel is here! Diana is a wonderful friend that we actually met through photography! She is a fierce mama to Chloe and Axel living in Maaslouis! We actually have lots in common and it’s wonderful having her as a friend.

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Rotterdam Wedding- De Machinist, Walhalla, Vessel 11

The wedding of E&N was absoutly magical! I cycled to her house in Rotterdam the morning to get to work, meeting her to take a few getting ready pictures. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress! Soon her husband came to pick her up with her father and off we went to De Machinist! Her ceramony was lovely with the huge windows of the machinist overlooking Rotterdam.

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