Fort Vechten Wedding- R+S

This beautiful Fort Vechten wedding! I'd never been to a fort in The Netherlands before and holy beautiful!

I came to the home of Simone and Roel in the morning about a half an hour before their first look, got to know their family and take some photos of the kids all running around! Roel came to pick her/me up to go take photos and we were off! We had so much fun playing in fields and in the rented fancy car. It was a perfect day.

After that we had a drive through Utrect and then went to Fort Vechten for the ceramony. It was an intimate ceramony with just family and a couple friends. Many memories were shared and lots of laughs. All the kids were very involved and i loved it so so much!

After the ceramony everyone came for dinner and drinks and most importantly the party!! It was a beautiful day!

Thanks so much guys!