Urban Photo Race-Rotterdam

Hi everyone! Saturday I competed in the Urban Photo Race in Rotterdam on Satuday and it was so nive to just get out and be CREATIVE! There is no just doing "normal". Everything was how you interpreted the theme you are given. It was tough to keep pushing on to be creative FOR 12 HOURS. Let me know how you would have interpreted these!

The last theme was especially hard for me as someone who is not actually dutch and when he was murdered I wasn't even a teenager yet! Thanks to my friends for telling me who he was!

Theme 1- Metamorphesis

Rotterdam urban photo race, 25 to life tattoo
Rotterdam Urban Photo Race 25 to life tattoo
Rotterdam urban photo race 25 to life tattoo

Theme 2- You will never walk alone.


Rotterdam urban photo race blaak Markt
Rotterdam urban photo race blaak markt
Rotterdam urban photo race blaak markt

Theme 3- Immersion

Rotterdam urban photo race 
Rotterdam urban photo race 
Rotterdam urban photo race west blaak

Theme 4- Urban Sport

Man in rollerblades at the westblaak skatepark doing tricks. Rotterdam urban photo race
Teenage boy at the rotterdam skatepark on westblaak. He is riding a bmx bike

Theme 5- Street Art

Freddy Krurger spray painted in Rotterdam on witte de withstraat with two bikes on the side.
Rotterdam street art of a magpie holding a ring in its beak with "will you marry me sam?" written above. On witte de withstraat.
Rotterdam street art on Witte de withstraat

Theme 6- "At you service" -Pim Fortuyn

Statue of Pim Fortuyn in Rotterdam Center with flowers all around.
Rotterdam City Hall. Just the front doors, with huge stone arches.
Rotterdam Police station in centrum. Mint walls and the sidewalk in front.
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