Maaslouis Newborn Photoshoot -Axel

Diana and I got in contact forever ago because she is also a Rotterdam Photographer but ALSO an expat! My sweet Canadian friend! I went to her home in Maaslouis. I got lost on the way there of course because one day I will figure out Dutch busses. *eyeroll ha!

I found her beautiful home and we just started chatting away just like old friends again! Axel was amazing and just settled right into the photoshoot and Chloe their daughter was showing me all her beautiful dresses and her scooter. LOVE!

Although Axel really was a newborn, he is a BIG baby! Diana is a rockstar! I was so so happy to be there to capture his newborn stage! Sadly they are moving to Seattle pretty soon! But if you need a Seattle photographer you can find her HERE

Love you girl!