Rotterdam modern business headshots and branding for Diana Lubbers!

So a lot of you know me and Diana are great friends. being expats in Holland together and juggling photography businesses at the same time. We met online as all great friendships do! Just over a year ago we met up in Utrecht with a few other photographers and immediately hit it off! Her living in Maaslouis and me living in Rotterdam center it made it easy for us to grab beers and enjoy each others company!

ANYWAY! Let’s talk about business branding and headshots! No one wants to see your still boring headshots. It’s not 1985 and you don’t need to have glamour shots for your Linkedin or website. Sweet baby jesus please don’t. Having modern headshot and branding in your website makes you stand out. Anyone that is viewing those headshots or branding images wants to see your personality though them! You can absolutely have updated modern headshots taken and still be a professional! So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it!