Business Branding for Moira Ramone in Rotterdam

Hey everyone! I seem to sit down once a month and blog for a few hours and get a few done all at once so bare with me! But to kick off being back in front of my computer blogging I bring you the famous Moira Ramone from Rotterdam! She is a young business woman in the world of tattooing. Her main focus being traditional tattoos. An amazing artist that I had the pleasure (although quite painful) exprierence of having her tattoo my entire back. Over the year it took to finish my back we became best friends.

Branding photos for her give her clients an idea of what life looks like in the tattoo shop and what their client expierence will look like. She also often gets interviewed and published in international tattooing magazines and needed photos for that type of branding. She is definitely one to look after. She is going places ya’ll! And I am so so proud to call her my friend.

Go find more of her work here!