Romantic Dutch-Ghanaian Wedding in Zwolle

OH MY GOODNESS! This wedding was so freakin gorgeous! The morning of I went to take photos of the groom and groomsmen in Zwolle and we had a mishap with their boutonnieres. We couldn’t find the magnetic backing. We called a bunch of florists and finally found out where they were. Disaster adverted! We all laughed it off and got the day started! We went to meet the bride at her mothers home also in Zwolle. We did a first look and she was so so gorgeous!

Then we hopped into the car and went to do portraits at Museum De Fundie. We then went and did more at the Hunnebedden. I had never been so it was even more fun!

Next up was their Romantic ceremony. It was amazing. Half of the ceremony was in Dutch and the other half in English with her family that all flew in from Ghana. I will def remember this wedding forever. It was so moving. Thanks a million guys!

Second Shooter for Jorge Jager