Rotterdam Wedding With A Bubble Exit!

Tim and Hannah! What a wonderful couple! They were so so sweet and nice from beginning to end. I couldn’t have had a more fun day. I started out with Tim at his parents home in Rotterdam. Putting finishing touches on his jacket and tie. We hopped in the car to go meet his beautiful bride and my colleague Jorge!

We did a first look and went to go to Dordrecht for a prewedding photoshoot! It was lovely and we got a few great photos in before meeting everyone for lunch. Everything was so perfect and so was the ceremony. It was magical. After the ceremony we went to another photoshoot location right at sunset. Fun Fact: I almost got hit by a cyclist while standing in the bike lane. Ha!

All in all it was such a great day and I want to do it again. But for your love story! Lets tell it!

Second Shot for Jorge Jager